Cryptocurrency trading book!

Cryptocurrency trading book!

Cryptocurrency trading: Strategies and techniques for successful portfolio management


This is an published on the 9th of November, 2017, authored and published by Keizer Söze, with Matyas J. as the narrator. The book which has a length of 2 hours and 21 minutes is a very informative guide for beginners, or anyone interested in Cryptocurrency trading.

It begins by giving a detailed explanation of what cryptocurrencies are (especially the very popular Bitcoin), how the whole idea of virtual money and cryptocurrency technology works. It also explains why this is an investment opportunity for you and the reasons why you should grasp the opportunity.

What tools do you need to start your cryptocurrency business? The author talked about the Wallet technology, how it works, the types and the differences between hot and cold wallets. He went on to elaborate on the best available, where they can be bought and how to use them, including the pros and cons of each option, to enable you to make an informed choice.

In this engaging audiobook, the author Keizer Söze gave good insight on the best Cryptocurrency trading platforms, with adequate information on each to enable you to choose which platform suits you. For those who prefer cash-only business, Keizer gave details on how to locate Bitcoin ATMs and explained how to buy and sell Bitcoin for cash.

Cryptocurrency trading scams…

A lot of people are skeptical about Cryptocurrency trading because of the numerous scam stories flying around. In this book, the author reveals various scamming techniques scammers use (detailing pump and dump) and how you can avoid online scammers, to keep your investment safe.

The book lays down all the criteria you must consider before investing your money into Cryptocurrency. It goes on to give a step by step guide on how to identify and recognize what you are investing in, whether it is a platform, currency or an application. It also laid down how to identify the next profitable Bitcoin and how to start making early Investment in it.

Sustain your investment

It is not always enough to start a business, sustaining and keeping it profitable is important. This book guides you on how to adjust your portfolio and keep it profitable all year round. It also gives techniques on how and when to rebalance your portfolio. Details on how to know it is ‘time to hire a specialist’ to handle your portfolio and the differences between the centralized and decentralized platforms are also provided.

With the whole market volatility and security risks associated with Cryptocurrency trading, this  arms you with the right knowledge and techniques necessary to achieve success in the Cryptocurrency market. It also gives a general knowledge of what the Cryptocurrency trading world looks like, for those who are just interested in having an idea of what the new technology is about.

Keizer Söze who has authored about 14 other books on various angles of Cryptocurrency trading has a unique way of laying down the strategies and techniques to help you achieve excellent results.


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