RNVA: Robinhood Penny Stock Chart

RNVA: Robinhood Penny Stock Chart

Check out the amazing chart overview for RNVA a Robinhood penny stock. This stock can be traded using the Robinhood mobile app. Please do your DD before trading any stock

RNVA Company Information

Rennova Health Inc

Rennova Health, Inc. (Rennova), formerly CollabRx, Inc., is a provider of diagnostics and supportive software solutions to healthcare providers. The Company operates in three segments: clinical laboratory operations, supportive software solutions, and decision support and informatics operations. The Company is a healthcare enterprise that delivers products and services, including laboratory diagnostics, healthcare technology solutions, and revenue cycle management and intends to provide financial services, to medical providers. Rennova’s principal line of business is clinical laboratory blood and urine testing services. It is also engaged in the provision of urine drug toxicology testing to physicians, clinics and rehabilitation facilities in the United States. Its clinical laboratories include Biohealth Medical Laboratory, Inc.; Alethea Laboratories, Inc.; International Technologies, LLC; EPIC Reference Labs, Inc., and Epinex Diagnostics Laboratories, Inc.



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    getenergy24.com September 17, 2017

    It doesn t matter how good a company is. They could be the best company in the world, but if their stock chart doesn t show it, it won’t attract buyers—especially in the case of penny stocks.

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